Corporate offices

Northern California
P.O. Box 1969
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
United States

T: + (1) 707-593-6119
E: info@hudsonduke.com

Kansas City
5039 Rock Creek Lane
Mission, KS 66205
United States

T: + (1) 913-777-4451

Hudson+Duke is a strategic consultancy working with mid to large sized local, regional and global clients. We deliver inspired and actionable ideas that help our clients win in an ever more complex and demanding marketplace. We work with clients to develop and refine category leading solutions, find sustainable resources, design growth generating marketing and sales solutions, and surface insights to guide ingenuity and efficiency. Through a customizable strategic suite of services Hudson+Duke fully partners with organizations seeking to improve the health and viability of their model, aggressively take new ground, or elevate their path to success. Though strategic insight and hard work, we assist companies in fully capitalizing on their potential. Ultimately, we help companies grow.

    Service Segments:

  • Corporate Development
  • Strategic Services
  • Organizational Development
  • Communications, Marketing & Sales
  • Research
  • Agency Services
Industry Segments Served:

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction Services
  • Senior Living
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Entertainment
  • Energy
  • Technology